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The new form-filled kürtőskalács: KÜRTŐSBON!

Huge sensation, real curiosity to be the star of this year's Kürtőskalács Vigalom

A new kürtőskalács full of flavour will make its debut at the 2nd Kürtőskalács Vigalom [Kürtőskalács Merrymaking] hosted again this year by Holnemvolt Vár [Holnemvolt Castle] between 13 and 15 May. The three-day family event will see the first appearance of our KÜRTŐSBON, which is bound to knock everyone off their feet.

Malnas csokis13329 masolat
The new form-filled kürtőskalács, KÜRTŐSBON, is finally being introduced!

"We are very happy that after a two-year hiatus we can organize the 2nd Kürtőskalács Vigalom, the little sister event of Kürtőskalács Fesztivál [Chimney Cake Festival] once again in the beautiful surroundings of the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden and Holnemvolt Vár [Once-Upon-a-Time Castle]. Of course, the four basic items of the Merrymaking are not going to be missing this time either: the dessert specialities of the Édes Mackó Kürtőskalács Pastry Shop, the gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free and egg-free kürtőskalács, the Kürtőskalács Flavour Bombs, and the "Make Your Own Kürtőskalács" counter, where everyone can bake their favourite kürtős. In addition, family and children's programmes, live-animal programmes, handicraft activities, quiz games, a photo corner, a giant nine men's morris (mill game) and concerts await visitors", says Tünde András, the originator of Kürtőskalács Vigalom.

2. Kürtőskalács Vigalom beharangozó

“A genuine kürtőskalács sensation will also debut here. From time to time, we always wonder how we can make this unique charcoal-grilled delicacy even more exciting, and we always dream up something new. We've been experimenting for a long time to find ways to take the kürtőskalács experience to the next level, while retaining its traditional qualities: a freshly baked, crispy outer glaze and a delicious, soft interior. Finally, we came up with the idea of filling the kürtőskalács itself with various pastry creams, chocolate, peach jam or plum jam, and then rolling the cake in lyophilized raspberries, walnuts and cinnamon, or flavouring it according to customers' wishes.


This is how KÜRTŐSBON, a heavenly kürtőskalács in a new guise, was born.

Why is it called KÜRTŐSBON? BONBON means chocolate with filling in the centre, a filled delicacy, hence, we have named our filled kürtőskalács KÜRTŐSBON. It is also a fantastic name because it allows us to express lengthy descriptions briefly and to give our desserts apt names that match the flavours, such as Raspberry CHOCOBON, Walnut APRICOTBON or Cinnamon PLUMBON - which can be tasted for the first time at the Merrymaking", says Gáspár Bálint, managing director of Vitéz Kürtős.

András Tünde és Bálint Gáspár Vitéz Kürtős alapítók

“Going to the zoo is a fun, especially while you're munching on a freshly baked kürtőskalács. Also, our zoo and the history of kürtőskalács are intertwined because both date back to distant times, but both strive for constant innovation. It's an exciting coincidence that both Holnemvolt Castle and Édes Mackó Kürtőskalács Confectionary are celebrating their 4th birthdays on the date of our Kürtőskalács Vigalom, which gives us even more reason to celebrate together.

Take a pleasant stroll here between 13 and 15 May and treat your taste buds while you can participate in various live-animal programmes", spokesperson of Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden Zoltán Hanga is inviting everyone to the weekend of the 2nd Kürtőskalács Vigalom.

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2. Kürtőskalács Vigalom

Kürtőskalács Vigalom is open to the public with a zoo pass from 13-15 May.