Vitéz Kürtős - Csillagvár

Budapest - Csillag Center Shopping Center

Budapest, 3rd district. Rákóczi street 36.

Dear Customers,:
We would like to kindly inform our guests, that after 11 years, the our bake house of the Chimney Cake at the Star Center will close for an indefinite period of time (one year for sure).
The Vitéz Kürtős’s goal for 2019 to create a different design and the company is currently working on a rebranding, changing our images and many tools, refurbishing our bakery, and giving better opportunity to our guests. Our stand at Star Center is also the part of this process.
Hopefully, in a year, we can get back here with a nicer, better, innovative business.
Thank you for your understanding!

In the meantime, we looking forward to welcoming you to our Shop at the Zoo and at Édes Mackó, our pastry shop on the Zoo Boulevard, where we are offering specialties for those who has dietary requirements. On Wednesdays we have gluten and lactose-free Sekler Cakes!