Sweet Bear

Sweet Bear (Édes Mackó) - Sekler Cake Confectionery

1146 Budapest, Állatkerti Boulevard, 14-16.

The Sweet Bear (Édes Mackó) Sekler Cake (kürtőskalács) confectinery is situated at the Holnemvolt Vár entertainment park. We are open to two terraces. For those who pay the entrance fee to the Holnemvolt Vár (1000 HUF) we have a spacious and cool terrace. For those who don't want to enter to the entertainment park we have a small terrace very close to the main entrance of the Széchenyi bath.

Opening hours:
Monday - Thuesday : 09:30 - 16:00
Wendesday - Sunday: 09:30 - 16:00

Festive hours:
On 24. and 25. December we are closed.

Traditional Sekler Cakes::
Flavors: vanilla, nut, cinnamon, cocoa, coconut, almond
Price: 1100 Ft./db/250gr.

Special Sekler Cakes:
Flavors: raspberry, strawberry, blueberry
Price: 1400 Ft./db/250gr.

Desserts made from Sekler Cake:
Sekler Cake Bearing: 700 Ft.
Creamy Sekler Cake: 700 Ft.
Sekler Cake Fondue: 900 Ft.
Double Raspberries Sekler Cake Fondue: 1200 Ft.
Sekler Cake with Ice cream: 600 Ft.
Honey Sekler Cake: 700 Ft.

Milky desserts with Sekler Cake
Floating island with Sekler Cake pieces: 700 Ft.
Cream of wheat with Sekler Cake pieces: 700 Ft.
Blueberry Sekler Cake bearings with a glass of milk: 600 Ft.
Poppy seed dumps with Sekler Cake pieces: 700 Ft.

We prepare gluten and lactose free kürtőskalács every Wednesday. Price: 1290 Ft.