Family Celebrations

Special kürtőskalács (Sekler Cake) for family celebrations. If you`d like to make sure you cause a real great surprise at the next family affair, you should order our special kürtőskalács, and take all the credit for it – we won`t mind.

For birthdays, baby showers or any kind of special occasions choose our kürtőskalács (Sekler Cake) platter with cake shaped, sliced kürtőskalács in different flavours. This will speak for itself.

If you order the day before, we make sure your cake is freshly made just before your event and gets to your table nice and warm. We let you deal with the candles and the wishes.

Order line:
0036 70 415 83 57

From 4 pieces of kürtőskalács (Sekler Cake) 4190 Ft.

Surprise your loved ones with a truly special delicacy!
We hope to hear from you soon.
With lots of love,

The Vitez Kurtos Team

Kürtőskalács ( Sekler Cake) plate from four pieces of kürtőskalács