As says: "One of the world's best festive fairs is coming with craft tsunami, culture overdose, folk gastro flood." And we, as a Vitéz Kürtős finally can be a part of this at Vörösmarty square: Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair between 13rd of January 2015 and 6th of November 2016, at Vörösmarty Square.

One of the 10 most beautiful Advent Fair of among Europe's best fairs offers high-quality products, high standard cultural and children programs will be placed at the most beautiful square in the capital city. The events attract 3-400 thousands of tourists annually. In the recent years it has undergone number of transformations to ensure that the foreign and Hungarian guests as well as the city dwellers the quality relaxation and to offer a real Christmas experience.

Of course, worthy to the trade fair we are waiting for you with an exciting new installation, which will be open to both sides: on one side we will prepare large sekler cakes with traditional flavors, on the other side the normal sized sekler cake will be prepared with special flavors. Our house walked around and you will be able to look into the house from all sides, like a leprechaun house where busy hands are kneading the dough, wraping the cake and from where all the secrets of making sekler cake could be learned.

The kitchens are offering their selection of food to the admirers of gastronomy on a 1,200-square-foot terrace. Beside the traditional dishes also specialties can be tasted by the visitors, as the prune goulash soup, Jerusalem artichokes roundel, torn beef burger, the HUN-DOG, a lamb sandwich with roasted pepper cream, the pumpkin roasted in duck fan with spicy pumpkin seeds and goose liver sausage.

Next to the sekler cake, roast chestnuts and pie, the supply will be expanded with other mouth-watering novelties this year. The artisan sweets lovers will neither be disappointed, because in addition to the small manufactories where chocolate and marzipan is made, flodni, beigli, pies and honey kisses will be available in the maelstrom as well.

Of course we also have been invented our holiday offer: some Christmas flavors are combined with the sekler cake that is covered with sugar, to catch and pass the perfect holiday flavor and atmosphere. Thus, in addition to the classic flavors, in our presentation there will be unique ginger, lemon, raspberry and gingerbread flavored sekler cakes.

It worth to visit, because during the fair nearly two hundred high-level programs will be offered to the visitors. On the stage, folk, jazz, crossover, alternative, blues and soul concerts will change each other. On weekdays between 17:00 to 20:00, on the weekend between 16-20:00.

During the weekends between 11-16:00 puppet theater, music and dance performances are waiting on stage for the children. Children from kindergartens and schools at the crafts playhouse, families and visitor at the square will find the recreational opportunities. The programs until the 4th of December from Friday to Sunday, after that date on weekdays in the morning and afternoon are waiting for the children. Such as candle making, gingerbread-baking, beading, felting and basketry techniques in the heated wooden house.

There will be a brand new installation on the fair this year by ASAPA creative team: "Pigs pulled sleigh caravan” play area, consisting of a locomotive and three related sled car. On the wagons there one locomotive, an eco phone, a ball throwing court, three dimensionally moveable central periscope, interactive eco TV, treasure-hunting game, "toff" sculptures that you can fed, built-in sound-producing devices, and a variety of little doors that you can open, latches, locks… so everything that a child's hands would like to grab.

Number of other programs also evoke the spirit of Advent during the market: on the giant wreath one candle will be lighted on a ceremony on every Sunday from 16 o'clock in the afternoon, accompanied by an angelic choir. In the open workshop of the traditional smith the visitors can get an insight into the secrets of the forge.

Traditionally, to the six-weeks long arts and crafts fair, 12 charity organizations were invited by the organizers. Two-aid organizations will introduce themselves and collect donations every week.

So we are waiting for our customers at the VÖRÖSMARTY SQUARE CHRISTMAS MARKET!

With love, heart and soul
The Vitéz Kürtős Team