Offer for companies

A business meeting? Leaving party? Or perhaps a birthday party with colleagues?

Spice the party with the biggest surprise: the true live coaled kürtőskalács (Sekler Cake) - your colleagues will love it. And now, we have special offers not only for companies! Vitez Kurtos will surely bring life back to the busy, stressful days at the office.

We have now worked out the best prices for you:

2 pieces2990 Ft
4 pieces3990 Ft
8 pieces7200 Ft
12 pieces9600 Ft
16 pieces11200 Ft

You can choose from the following flavours: walnut, cinnamon, coconut, almond and cacao or simply just with a hint of sugar.
Minimum order is our 2 pieces package.

We always deliver freshly made, warm kürtőskalács (Sekler Cake), therefore in case of greater orders, advanced booking is essential.
You can pay by cash or coupons.

Our offer is valid until recalled.

Order line: 06 70 415 8357

We hope to hear from you soon!
The Vitez Kurtos Team