A new, amazing place by the Danube riverside: Sekler Cake by the “Bálna”

2017. június 28.

Amazing view, beautiful atmosphere, a cozy place with live music: the “Csíki Sörplacc” is opened by the Danube, it is the place with quality beers and for those who are in love with Transilvanian gastronomy. Delicious Sekler Cakes by the Vitéz Kürtős, filtered and unfiltered beers by the “Csíki Sör”, and traditional sekler foods by the “Gobé Gurmé”. Do you need more?

On 19th Mai, a new, cool, youthful open-air place opened on the “Bálna” terrace, where beside delicious Sekler food, beer specialties, amazing view and the scent of the omissible Sekler Cake attracted people. This event full of tastes and a lot of people was made even more amazing with the live music of Járási László and Horváth Viktor, and the members of Indygo band.

The old dream of Vitéz Kürtős has been fulfilled: finally the Sekler Cake will be closer to the city center all summer long, making it reachable not only for those who live in Budapest, but also for the tourists.

Because it`s summer, our main product will be the Sekler Cake Ice Cream, but because it is also a good place for long romantic walk, we are preparing also the Sekler Cake Fondue, which is a bowl in which you can dip the Sekler Cake slices in Belgian chocolate. But of course beside the traditional flavors, there will always be some special flavors too: now, it is the raspberry, but soon it will be replaced by the blueberry flavor.

And of course, for people living with food intolerance, every Wednesday and Thursday we prepare gluten, milk, lactose and egg-free Sekler Cakes.

On the “Csíki Sörplacc” there are two more important catering establishments: the “Csíki Sör” and the “Góbé Gurmé”.

The “Csíki Sör Placc” is also a unique place because there is not yet a terrace in Hungary where the “Igazi Csíki Sör” is constantly present with fine, filtered, unfiltered, brown, honey and currant beers.

And of course beside the Csiki beer we also offer Csiki beer sausages: among others we serve the `mics`, a transilvanian national food, which is the Romanian sausage, and you can find it nowhere else.

On the opening event on Friday, we had a few friends and guests, such as Ildikó Keresztes, a Transylvanian singer who was very happy with the Vitéz Kürtős Csíki Beer combo:

" I feel myself like I flew home for some hours. I confess, that I never really liked beers, but this honey version is very good, a real woman drink. And there is no need to talk about the fact that I adore the raspberry Sekler Cake, which is amazing with the Belgian chocolate: this Sekler Cake Fondue is an irresistible pairing, a real taste. This terrace reminds me of my home, the only thing is that we are not beside the Maros river, but the Danube, "says Ildi Keresztes with a smile.

The “Csíki Sörplacc” is waiting for those who want a little rest, relaxation, fun after work, during the week or on weekends with family, friends, but it is also a good place for romance, every day from 12.00 until 22.00 hrs (on weekends until the atmosphere requires it) until 30th September.

For more information, promotions and music programs, visit here!

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Do you order two pieces of Sekler Cake? We bring them right away!

2018. március 24. 12:29

We are fulfilling many wishes now, that from 19th March we are already delivering home even two pieces of charcoal baked Sekler Cake, on the territory of Budapest. So far, the minimum order was 4 pieces, which proved to be many. But now it's no longer an obstacle ... Order two pieces of Sekler Cake anywhere in Budapest and we are delivering it still warm!

1+1 Family weekend on the “Csillagvár”!

2018. március 24. 11:48

One is yours, the other whose should it be? We are inviting you to our 1+1 gift Family weekend to our shop in the Csillagvár Shopping Center in the 3. district, where beside the traditional Sekler Cake, the special flavoured: raspberry, chocolate drop and cappuccino Sekler Cakes are offered in a 1+1 gift promotion.

Raspberry miracle for Women's Day!

2018. március 4. 11:00

We continue our exclusive home delivery for special days. The Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 officially 40 years, but it has been our most beautiful holiday for more than a century. For this special day we are offering our most exclusive Sekler Cake for special Women: send to your female acquaintances a Women's Day Sekler Cake.

Let`s shake up the Sekler Cake`s home delivery service!

2018. február 8. 10:38

For more than 7 years we have been delivering home the charcoal baked Sekler Cake, on the territory of Budapest. This year we would like to shake up this home delivery service option: whether it's a birthday party, a corporate meeting, or a cool girly afternoon, we offer discount coupons of 1000 HUF for every order. Only in February!

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