Vitéz Kürtős Home Delivery

Would you like a real surprise for your guests? Be the first one to use Vitéz Kürtős Home Delivery and order a Kürtőskalács (Sekler Cake) party plate, or a Kürtőskalács (Sekler Cake) gift box!

Our delicious kürtőskalács gift box or party plate makes a perfect option for parties and corporate events, as well as birthdays, anniversaries and gatherings of all kinds.

Our plate is made of various kürtőskalács (Sekler Cake) spirals or rings of different flavour.
For the gift box you can chose from different flavours too: vanilla, nut, cinnamon, coconut, cocoa, almond.

Kürtőskalács is the best when it is fresh and hot.
So, if you want to order a kürtőskalács party plate, or kürtőskalács gift box, please call us in advance at least one day, thus we can prepare your plate right before delivery.

We guarantee that your guests will be happy to taste our fresh, hot cakes. The candles and the wishes are up to you, let us do the rest.

The kürtőskalács plate is 4190 Ft. ( 4 pieces)
The kürtőskalács gift box is 3990 Ft. (4 pieces)
If you want, you can order only 2 pieces for 2990 Ft.

Kürtőkalács for birthday and nameday!
If you want to surprise for birthday someone, you can choose our festive box with birthday wishes: 1 kürtőskalács with raspberry packeged in festive box - for 2500 Ft.

There is no delivery charge.

To place an order:
call 0036 70 415 8357 or
send e-mail to: