2016. április 14.

Spring Elf, Secret Garden and Open Workshop in the heart of the city- BUDAPEST SPRING FAIR: between 25th March and 24th April 2016 together with The Vitéz Kürtős. We are baking our amazing Sekler cake and our tasty dessert specialties in the neighborhood of Zserbó and Onyx.

Vitéz Kürtős Törzsvásárlói Kártya

Sekler Cake is the star of the carnival parties

2016. január 22.

During Carnival season do you have the dillemma what to be dressed up for the long-awaited parties? We have the perfect tip for you: Dress up as a Sekler Cake and the success will be guaranteed! Not only everyone will wish to taste you, but a “sekler cake” is not going to the prom fun of winter for sure! The Vitéz Kürtős not only gives you the idea, but also loans the costumes!

The Christmas market started!

2015. november 17.

We have spent almost 15 years in the sekler cake bakery business. During this time we always tried to serve the best quality and find many new features for our customers, even the flavors and services. So now we deserved to be part of Budapest's best Christmas markets. The Vörösmarty Square Fair began!

"Loved your delicious treat..want more.. How will you mail this Hawaii? Is it possible? Do you know the total cost...the treats in the cake box...and postage by air? Also, how much does the accessories to make this cost? I saw the accessories but, there was not price ...please let me know. I really think about how delicious it a dream..and fun to eat. Aloha from Hawaii....Georgiana"

Georgiana Kobayashi | Write us!

"We recently were in Budapest and enjoyed this delicious treat. Totally difference from anything we have seen anywhere. Too bad we can't get this in the United States. "

Peggy and Larry Walker | Write us!

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